The "Cover Your Assets" Skirt - It's Skirt Week!

I have a slight obsession with running clothes. It helps that there are some really cute, functional styles out there - even some of the C9 from Target has made it's way into my running wardrobe! But not only do I love these pieces for running, some of them are cute enough to wear around town. The only problem with  pulling on a pair of running capris for a trip to the post office is that, well, I'm wearing running capris. They are cute and comfy, but I'm not crazy about flashing my assets - especially the less than perfect assets that get me running in the first place.
While I was window shopping at one of my favorite stores recently, I found this cute skirt. It looked adorable on the mannequin, but $50 is a hefty price for a knit skirt that has no technical properties (i.e. wicking fabric, or pockets for storing an ipod). I left the store empty handed, and haven't stopped dreaming of that skirt since!
I finally attempted to sew a knock-off skirt and while it's different from the original, I love it! I used some super soft pink burn out knit that I had in my stash, left the hems unfinished, and used some 1" elastic for the waist.
"Cover your assets" skirt back
The burn out effect in the knit leaves it sheer in some areas, which was just a good excuse for using 2 tiers of knit! I also cut the back slightly longer, a trick I learned after studying my running skirts. Such a simple detail, and it makes a big difference!
"Cover your assets" skirt front
I'm really excited about this simple skirt, because now all of my black running capris have double the use!
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The last of the Christmas gifts!

I have lots of projects that I'd like to blog about, so I'm going to wrap up the Christmas gifts in one last post.
I found this on pinterest a few weeks before Christmas and knew these would make great gifts. I found a scarf at a local thrift shop and used some scraps for the characters.
DSC_0125 DSC_0139 
The puppy dog went to a friend down the street and I put the queen in Addy's stocking. The other 2 were for a good friend's little boys. I had them in mind from the beginning of this project, because they have a very tall staircase, perfect for parachuting!
The two boys who received the parachuters now have a baby sister! I made her a small (14" square) lovey with jumbo ric-rac trim and some cuddly Folksy Flannels on the back.

I did very little sewing for Addy this year. I made this yoga skirt from a knit remnant:
Addy has been asking for Squinkies for awhile, so I bought her a few from the Ariel set. I didn't want these tiny creatures lost around the house, so I made a drawstring pouch for them. (Fabrics are Melly and Me and Summersault.)
And lastly, Addy has been on a play-doh kick lately. Matt's favorite play-doh toy as a child was the fuzzy pumper, which I couldn't find at Target. Instead I found a small set of play-doh "tools", which also required a drawstring bag! I made this bag larger to accomodate the many tubs of play-doh, cookie cutters, and other random household objects that are perfect for playing with 'doh. (Fabrics are Sugar Pop.)
We rounded out Addy's gifts with some clothes, card games, and a new Ariel doll. With the gifts from us and our families, she has more than enough to keep her imagination busy!