Beat the heat without sweating it!

I'm really picky about my water bottles.  I prefer plastic, spill resistant, with a straw.  Until Camelbak came out with their Better Bottle, I thought I'd never find a bottle to fit my needs.  But once I tried it, I was hooked!  I could fill the bottle with ice water and toss it onto the passenger seat of my car without worrying about any spills.  I can also take a drink while I'm driving without the distraction of trying to keep my water from ending up in my lap.  And it's dishwasher safe!  Finally, the nearly perfect water bottle.

Yes, it's nearly perfect.  What could I possibly dislike about it now?  Bottle sweat.  Yep, I'm seriously that picky.

Rather than search for an insulated bottle that fits all of my other needs, I created a water bottle cozie!  Not only does it keep my bottle from sweating all over, but it helps to keep my drink cool for longer. Plus it just looks cute. ;)

I took my bottle cozie for a test run before making a smaller version for the kid-size bottles.  Once I knew that I liked my design, I created one for Addy's bottle, too.

The large cozie fits the 750ml Camelbak Better Bottle perfectly.  My husband uses the 1L Better Bottle, and the cozie is a tad bit too small for his bottle.

The small cozie fits both the Camelbak Kids Bottles and the Nalgene Kids Grip-n-Gulp.

The small and large cozies are now listed in the shop.  If you have a custom request, please contact me!  I can create a cozie in nearly any size, color or pattern to fit your needs.