An Aviary Mini

I had some Aviary 2 scraps left over from this quilt, and I wasn't sure what to do with them. Then I had an impromptu sew-in at a friend's where I was admiring all of the mini quilts she has made. So the next time I was staring down the pile of Aviary 2 scraps, I knew just what to do!
 I tried to go with the flow and do some improv piecing. I also went with an organic straight line quilting style, which I LOVE! It was so easy and fun to do, and I think it goes great with the piecing in this quilt.
 For the back I used a large chunk of the only print that I had left, along with some solids.
Finished size is 20"x20"
Fabrics are Aviary 2 and Free Spirit solids

I think there are lots more minis in my future! In fact, I have a fabulous idea to incorporate some mini quilts into the photo wall that I'm creating in our dining room.
Oh, speaking of mini quilts, I was thinking of setting up a swap. Would anyone be interested in that? We can wait until after the rush of the holidays, if that works best. Leave me a comment if you'd be interested!

Pretty {Little} Pouch Swap-Sent!

I had a lot of fun in this swap! I decided not to share a full pic of my partner's pouch until after it was received. So here it is, with a few little extras tossed in!
First, the pouch front:
 Want to get a closer peek?
Fabric is Innocent Crush, by the amazing Anna Maria Horner!
I started with a center hexagon and built out in a log cabin style. Every other row of logs is actually a folded log. It's a bit hard to explain, but it gives the pouch some fun dimension! The rows that aren't folded are the ones with hand quilting in them. Finished size is about 7"x9".
And for the back:
 My partner's name was Michelle, so I thought I'd personalize her pouch a little bit! (Fabric is quilter's linen in straw.)
 And of course the inside, lined with some Good Folks.
I also made a metal frame coin purse:
Here's the whole lot, including a small pin cushion that I made from some munki-munki, a little stash of Heather Ross goodness, and a local greeting card and post card:
 What, you want a better picture of the Heather Ross goodies? Ok...
I had a lot of fun with this swap, and Michelle was really happy with her pouch. I'm so glad that she likes it so much!

Make Mine Modern Swap-Sent!

You had to know this post was coming, right? :)

I took some risks with this swap. My partner described her decorating style as country, but her inspiration mosaic was very modern. She also listed her favorite color as blue, but in her mosaic she mentioned her current love of bright greens and yellows, and contrast.

I decided that playing it safe isn't nearly as fun as standing under fluorescent lighting while Michael Kors, Heidi Klum, and Nina Garcia pick apart every little part of your design. And so I took a risk.

Here is the sewing machine cover that I came up with (and yes, my partner did ask for a sewing machine cover. See, I do listen, sometimes!):
 I made the machine cover as 1 long piece, and added velcro tabs on the sides to hold the front and back together:
 Here's a better picture of the machine cover laid out like a table runner. I am totally in love with the piecing on this! If it fit my machine, I might have been tempted to keep it!
 The back side:
Because I was nervous about the style and colors of the sewing machine cover, I decided to make a pin cushion and thread catcher to match. At least that way they match each other, right? :)
Pattern is a freebie from Oh Fransson!
A closer peek at the super fun button that the thread catcher hangs from:
I also made a metal frame coin purse from some Lantern Bloom (oh, yeah, my partner likes earth tones. This fits, right?):
Lastly, here's the fabric that I sent along. Three half-yard cuts of The Ghastlies, and a charm pack of Botany just because!
 Here's the whole lot of it before I packed it up (including a postcard of a gnome in Seattle!):
I had a great time with this swap. I stretched myself by doing some improv piecing, and I took some risks with my choices. Now the question is, do I have immunity for the next challenge? ;)
I'm happy to report that my ideas were very well received! My partner loves her gifts, which makes me *so* happy!

Swap progress...

First up, the Make Mine Modern Swap:
I picked up some fabric for my partner-I decided to play it safe and buy something off of her wish list.
I also started working on the sewing machine cover for my partner. For this piece, I'm taking a risk. Her home dec style isn't as modern as her quilting style, but I know that she likes bright colors and contrast.
I'm going to make a few of these improv blocks and then lay them out and fill in the gaps with more white. I have a couple more ideas for items to coordinate with this piece. More to come. ;)
I went back to the drawing board on this one. I still love the Echino pouch that I showed last week, but it didn't seem to catch my partner's eye on Flickr. I'm not sure if she's busy, or a polite commenter who steers clear of the items that she doesn't care for. Either way, I went back to the info that I know about my partner, and Anna Maria Horner is her favorite designer. So I cut into my Innocent Crush stash!
I'm only going to give a sneak peak of this pouch for now-I'll do a full reveal of the pouch and it's contents once it has made it's way to my partner. I hope she loves it!
The details:
Fabric is Innocent Crush.
Lining is from Good Folks.
I used a quilter's linen on the back.
There are some hand quilting and hand embroidery details.
I'll post pics of the details soon!

Pretty {Little} Pouch Swap - finished?

It took me awhile to get going on this pouch, because I was worried about what my partner would like to receive. But as soon as I got started, the pouch came together quickly! It looks a lot like I imagined, and I hope it's something that my partner likes. I'm anxious to see what the swap members say about the photos!
The pouch front, with zig zags!
Zig zag details:
The back:
Detail on the back:
 Lined with sun spots:
The main print is Echino.
I used scraps of Amy Butler, Valorie Wells, and Erin McMorris for the details. The blue/green print is a cross weave by Moda.
Finished size is 7" tall x 12" wide.
I have my fingers crossed that the swap members, and most importantly my partner, like what I've made! In the mean time, I have a few other ideas. And I think I'll sew up a little something extra to put in the pouch. :)