Purple and Grey Goodness!

Last year I made this mini quilt for my coffee table. We've been using it ever since then, and I really like it. It adds a bit of color to the room and it's a great coaster/table mat! Unfortunately that means that it will get dirty...and get dirty it did. I tossed the mini quilt into the wash a few weeks ago and was quite disappointed to see that it shrunk up about 1" in both directions! It still "worked", but I was unhappy that a once perfected-fitted mini was now an odd-ball size. (The center of our coffee table/ottoman has a wooden table area with a lip around it, as seen below. I made the mini to fit exactly within this area...until recently!)
9-Patch Mini
So I made a new mini! This time I made it about 1" larger in either direction and washed it as soon as I was finished binding it. It's a tiny bit big in the width, but I'm happy with it!
Purple and Grey Goodness!
I used big chunks of some of my favorite prints, and each log is quilted in a different style from Angela Walter's book. It was a fun way to play around with different quilting styles, and I just love how it turned out!
Purple and Grey Goodness!
Purple and Grey Goodness!
Purple and Grey Goodness!
Purple and Grey Goodness!
On the back I used a large piece of a print from Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush line and a bit of bikes by Erin McMorris (this is one of my all time favorite prints!).
Purple and Grey Goodness - back
Although there isn't a ton of the orangey-coral color in the mini, I had to use the peach bikes for binding. I love that it's such a soft color and just flows with the rest of the mini quilt!
Here's a shot of the shrunken mini stacked on top of the new mini. That's quite a bit of shrinkage for such a small quilt! (Finished size of Purple and Grey Goodness is approximately 14.75" x 20.75".)
9-Patch Mini
And here's the Purple and Grey Goodness being put to use!
Purple and Grey Goodness!
I'm digging the change from the brightly colored 9-patch mini to the more subtle hues of this mini (plus it goes swimmingly with our lavender couch!). Although I will find a home for my 9-patch mini somewhere else, I'm sure!
You know it's a win when you want to just sit and stare at your finished project! I just wish I had yardage of all of these prints to make a larger quilt now!

Not so traditional dresdens!

The Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild is hosting a challenge using a dresden ruler. Over the summer when the challenge was first announced, I had a few ideas pop into my head. As I played with the ruler and the shapes that it creates, my ideas evolved a bit until I came up with these two quilts.
The first quilt is a mini, measuring 23" square. I love using one large block to create a mini quilt - it's the perfect size to display on the wall!
Dresden Challenge - Mini
I reverse appliqued the center circle and pieced the outer seam on the "dresden plate". I can't lie, I held my breathe the whole time I was sewing the outer circle seam! The quilting is simple straight lines that increase in density from the center of the quilt outward.
Dresden Challenge - Mini
I used a charm pack of Kate Spain's Terrain for the quilt top. The backing is a great polka dot: Dumb Dot by Michael Miller in Tangerine. The binding is Quilter's Linen by Robert Kaufman in Orange.
Dresden Challenge - Mini

My second entry is for the Innovative category. The idea for this quilt came along because I love the look of wonky piecing, but I don't enjoy the process because I always seem to generate a lot of fabric waste! I'm often thinking up different techniques to accomplish the look I like, but which also satisfy my Type A personality!
I initially fell in love with this print by Erin McMorris for her La Dee Da line:
(Photo from Hawthorne Threads)
And so I used that as inspiration for this quilt!
Dresden Challenge - Innovative
To achieve this design, I cut strips of my prints at random angles using a rotary cutter and ruler to keep my cuts sharp rather than curved. Next I pieced a strip of grey to either side of the print, and then cut my dresden pieces from the pieced fabric. The entire quilt top is made up of dresden plate pieces!
I quilted the rows of wonky wedges in a linear zig zag style and then quilted around each row of wedges to further accent them. The traditional quilter inside of me can't believe that I left the negative space unquilted (I was taught to quilt a piece with uniform density throughout!), but it gives the quilt a softness while not distracting from the wonky wedges.
Dresden Challenge - Innovative
For the back I used a large piece of my inspiration fabric plus a chunk of coordinating print.
Dresden Challenge - Innovative back
I love that the quilting is obvious in the light print of the quilt back, yet it blends right into the dark print!
Dresden Challenge - Innovative Back
This quilt finished at 36" x 52". I love this mix of prints, so I may make a me-size quilt soon!
Are you participating in the Dresden Challenge? I'd love to hear what you came up with! Here are the links to the 3 categories of entries:
Link ups are open from Sept. 1-6. I can't wait to see all of the beautiful creates! It's only day 1 and there are already lots of inspiring projects out there!

Modern Workshop Minis...and a quilt spotting!

Do you follow Jenny at Sew Kind of Wonderful?  She recently came out with her quilt curve ruler, which I can't wait to try out! Lots of wonderful quilters have been getting creative with Jenny's ruler over on the Fat Quarterly Blog. After reading one of Jenny's posts this week I wandered over to the Fat Quarterly blog, and imagine my surprise when I saw one of my quilts!! During the March Madness posts (of which I missed completely while I was miserably sick in Chicago!), my quilt popped up on the Fat Quarterly blog to showcase the Echo fabric line by Lotta Jansdotter!! I was shocked and flattered to find my quilt! If you're curious, you can check it out here.

And now, on to those mini quilts!

Chelsea at Pins and Bobbins hosted the Made in Cherry quilt along earlier this year. Each time a new quilt along post popped up in my reader, I heard that little voice telling me to add *just one more* project to my working list. I'm worked hard to finish up all of my WIPs, though, which is when I realized that I could make a mini Made in Cherry quilt! If I can start and finish the project in a day or two, it doesn't even need to pop up on the WIP list, right?
I pulled out a charm pack of Modern Workshop plus one of my favorite prints from Ruby, and got to work. In my mini, the squares finish at 2". Total finished size is 16" square.
This was also the first project that I quilted in the orange peel design!
I love the orange peel, but I also love the outline quilting! They play together so well in this mini, if I do say so myself.
For the backing I used a print from Kate Spain's Verna.
I had lots of 2.5" squares left after my Made in Cherry mini, so I made another mini, in a different layout this time. Finished size is 12"x16".
Lots of straight line quilting:
And some cute little ladybugs on the back (from Flutterby by Tula Pink), binding is a stripe from Just Wing It by Momo.
I hoped to use this mini on our coffee table, but it's quite a bit smaller than I would like. It makes a great little table topper, though!

If you can't beat them...

Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since my last post. Well, no, scratch that, I CAN believe it. Since my last post I have: finished up an auction quilt (I'll share it soon!) for Addy's preschool class, had all of my household belongings and my two dogs packed and sent off to New York, traveled to the Chicago area with Addy, helped my parents move, caught a nasty virus which resulted in me sleeping and complaining for 7 days straight, traveled with Addy to New York, found out I had strep throat, and worked on organizing the new house. Addy and I have now been in New York for 4 days, and I'm on the road to recovery, Matt did a great job getting the house set up, and we found out about kindergarden screening just-in-time! So while I have lots of projects to work on, I'm going to share something I made awhile ago. Here we go!

We have two dogs. With their friendship and home security comes lots of dog hair; it's a package deal. Over the last ten years we have developed a cleaning rhythm to keep the dog hair at bay, and for the most part the house appears clean enough. But try as I might, I can not keep our dark wood and leather coffee table/ottoman clean! It's a great piece of furniture: stuffed leather ends, perfect for propping your feet up, and a wooden table in the center. Plus there is storage inside of it! Like I said, it's perfect. Except that is accumulates dog hair.
Finally one day I gave up on keeping the table area clean, and decided it would be best to just hide the dog hair as it accumulates. And so, I made a mini quilt! I pulled all of the fabrics for the 9-patch squares from my scraps.
Straight line quilting:
The back and binding, Sugar Pop by Liz Scott and Weekends by Erin McMorris:
The mini quilt in use:
It fits so perfectly in the coffee table! We have been using the coffee table with the mini quilt for several months now, and I really love it. It brightens up the table, and hides the stray dog hairs between vacuumings!
I have stacks of finished projects to share on here, so hopefully I'll have a few spare minutes to jump back on here soon!

An Aviary Mini

I had some Aviary 2 scraps left over from this quilt, and I wasn't sure what to do with them. Then I had an impromptu sew-in at a friend's where I was admiring all of the mini quilts she has made. So the next time I was staring down the pile of Aviary 2 scraps, I knew just what to do!
 I tried to go with the flow and do some improv piecing. I also went with an organic straight line quilting style, which I LOVE! It was so easy and fun to do, and I think it goes great with the piecing in this quilt.
 For the back I used a large chunk of the only print that I had left, along with some solids.
Finished size is 20"x20"
Fabrics are Aviary 2 and Free Spirit solids

I think there are lots more minis in my future! In fact, I have a fabulous idea to incorporate some mini quilts into the photo wall that I'm creating in our dining room.
Oh, speaking of mini quilts, I was thinking of setting up a swap. Would anyone be interested in that? We can wait until after the rush of the holidays, if that works best. Leave me a comment if you'd be interested!