The "Cover Your Assets" Skirt - It's Skirt Week!

I have a slight obsession with running clothes. It helps that there are some really cute, functional styles out there - even some of the C9 from Target has made it's way into my running wardrobe! But not only do I love these pieces for running, some of them are cute enough to wear around town. The only problem with  pulling on a pair of running capris for a trip to the post office is that, well, I'm wearing running capris. They are cute and comfy, but I'm not crazy about flashing my assets - especially the less than perfect assets that get me running in the first place.
While I was window shopping at one of my favorite stores recently, I found this cute skirt. It looked adorable on the mannequin, but $50 is a hefty price for a knit skirt that has no technical properties (i.e. wicking fabric, or pockets for storing an ipod). I left the store empty handed, and haven't stopped dreaming of that skirt since!
I finally attempted to sew a knock-off skirt and while it's different from the original, I love it! I used some super soft pink burn out knit that I had in my stash, left the hems unfinished, and used some 1" elastic for the waist.
"Cover your assets" skirt back
The burn out effect in the knit leaves it sheer in some areas, which was just a good excuse for using 2 tiers of knit! I also cut the back slightly longer, a trick I learned after studying my running skirts. Such a simple detail, and it makes a big difference!
"Cover your assets" skirt front
I'm really excited about this simple skirt, because now all of my black running capris have double the use!
Be sure to check out Skirt Week over at Crafterhours! To enter a skirt, use the buttons at the top right side of their blog.
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My Skirt Addiction

Wow, I think I can officially add skirts to my list of addictions.  Maybe it's because they are such a great way to use some fabulous fabric.  Maybe it's because they are so simple to create.  Or maybe it's because there are so many options when making them.

I headed up to my closet this morning with the intention of pulling out the top left skirt.  I wanted to take a few pics to post here and also over at Skirt Week!  But while I was in my closet I found 3 other skirts that I've made and never photographed or blogged!  The really fun part of Skirt Week is that you can enter a skirt that you just finished sewing, or something that you made 3 years ago!  So here we go, a mini tour of my closet:

Top Left: Awhile back I used this fabric to create a bubble skirt.  I wore it once, but wasn't really in love with it.  So last week I pulled out the bubble hem, took in the sides, and added a wide solid band to the bottom.  So much better!  I'm wearing it right now, and loving it.  Fabric is Dolce Grey Marilyn by Tanya Whelan and the bottom band is kona-coffee, i think?  No pattern, just a simple gathered skirt with a zipper back and solid colored band at the bottom.

Top Right: This skirt was made from the Barcelona pattern by Amy Butler.  The pattern has 2 options: tiered A-line or simple A-line.  I choose the tiered option for this, because I wanted to use a batik and I liked the idea of soft edges around the skirt.  I could stare at this fabric for hours.  The batiking process left a great all over pattern, which is highlighted in the brown sections.  I find it so much fun to follow the pattern through the blue areas, too-this is probably the most impressive batik I have ever seen!  This skirt is fully lined and has a zipper in back.

Bottom Left:  Double gauze!  A good friend of mine traveled to Japan last summer, and brought me back some really great fabric!  I gave her a few ideas of the designs that I'd like, and she brought me back 4 beautiful prints.  Three of them are still in my stash, waiting for the perfect project.  There's a great shot of what this print looked like before I cut into it here.  I started off by cutting the first tier of fabric at 1.5x my waist measurement.  Each subsequent tier is 1.5x the length of the previous tier.  I hand gathered the tiers, serged the edges, and finished the bottom with a rolled hem.  Each layer was lined with bleached muslin before gathering and the waist is 3/4" elastic.

Bottom Right: Another Barcelona skirt.  This time I used a grey corduroy and altered the pattern a bit.  I found that the blue skirt was a bit high waisted for me, so I took about an inch off of the top of the pattern.  I also took the hem up about 2.5", but because of the lower rise, the hem hits at about the same spot as the blue version.  This is a great skirt for the fall.  Fabric was purchased at JoAnn Fabrics.

I've already entered 2 skirts in the Skirt Week challenge, and the limit is 4.  I guess I need to decide which of these will make the cut!