March Challenge Link Up!

So, how did everyone do with their February Challenges?

My February Challenge was to open up to people at Quilt Con, and I think that I did pretty well! There are lots of people who I should have approached, and didn't. But I did connect with several people! I met Jen (in the airport in Chicago, before we even got to QuiltCon!!), Charlotte, Emily, Emily, Erika, Felicity (again!), Jacquie (she even remembered who I was!!!) and so many more people! It was a fun experience, which I partially credit to the fact that I traveled with and roomed with my awesome friend, Mandy. I'll chat more about our adventures and the QC experience in a few days, but suffice it to say I'm glad that I challenged my introverted self!

For my March challenge, I am going to push myself to write a class series, to be presented to a few of my local quilt shops. I'm really excited about the ideas that I have, I just hope that people will be interested enough in the material to take the classes!

The Girl Who Quilts

Now let's talk about YOUR challenges! Leave me a comment and let me know how you did in February. Then link up with a new (or continued *wink*) challenge for March!

The link up will close at the end of the day on March 5th!