Preschool Tree Quilt

Here it is, Addy's classroom auction project! Every class is expected to create an art project for the school auction, so this year I volunteered to lead Addy's class project.
The class involvement included tracing either child's hand onto green fabric (backed with fusible web) and helping them to write their name on the hand print. Once we had the hand prints, we (parent volunteers) cut them out. I then worked on drawing the tree based on the number of hand prints.
Not wanting the tree to look too sparse, I laid the hands over a green treetop. I free motion quilted around each hand.
The hands:
The treetop:
On the front of the tree I included a "carved" heart with the class details:
The quilting details! I quilted the sky in a meadering, the tree trunk in a long, thin meandering variation, and the grass in a random zigzag pattern:
Another shot of the quilted grass and the piecing:
I found a great alphabet print for the backing, and I also included a sleeve to hang the quilt:
And the label:
The finished size of the quilt is approximately 45" x 58".
And now for the auction details! The quilt ultimately went for $225. It's a bit lower than I would have expected, but ever bit makes an impact!