Echo Baby

I'm sure you've seen Echo pop up all over. It didn't take long for me to buy some of this line - the first time I saw it in a local shop, a little bit followed me home! I wanted several different prints but didn't want to spend a lot. So I picked my favorites and asked for small cuts-anywhere from 1/8 yd to 1/3 yard.
I paired these prints with kona in ash (probably my most favorite shade of kona-and the hardest to find lately!). Simple strips, some straight line quilting, and bias-cut binding. It made for a great baby boy quilt!
Quilting detail on front:
DSC_0212 And on back:
In a tree:
It was so hard to give this quilt away! It was graciously accepted into it's new home, though, where it is surely keeping a baby boy snuggly warm!
P.S. Check out the snow in those pictures! I think we got 6", and school was closed for 4 days (plus the Monday before was a holiday!). Oh, Seattle! It amuses how the busy, busy city just quietly shuts down for the snow. And ramps right back up when it melts!