Quilted Bathmats!

I wanted to add a little color to our bathroom, I just hadn't thought of the right project yet. And then I realized that we have a TON of bath towels. I think we have about 20 bath towels for 2 adults and 1 child! We seem to cycle through the same 5 or 6 towels, and we never touch the others.
So I pulled out 2 matching teal towels (that I've had since college!) and some coordinating charm packs.
 Here's a before shot of my bathroom. Lots of neutrals: small neutral rugs at the toilet and the sink, and a blue bathmat that we only put out when we needed it.
My original idea was to make a bathmat and 2 small quilted rugs to replace the off-white rugs that we had. But I decided that I didn't want everyone who used our bathroom to step all over my pretty rugs! So I decided to make 2 bathmats from the It's a Hoot and Just Wing It. That way we always have a clean bathmat!
I pieced the charms in a 5x7 layout, basted it to the towel, and did some quilting to keep the layers from shifting when I washed the bathmats. I used a zig zag stitch to apply the binding.
Here's one of the bathmats, tossed over the side of the tub (where it resides when not in use):
 Ready for use!
 A close-up:
 The back and binding:
We've been using the new bathmats for a few weeks now, and I really like them! The old towels are so soft and absorbant. Plus they provide a great pop of color in the bathroom. And we haven't missed those towels at all! ;)