The Seattle Dining Room

For some reason I thought I had blogged about this weeks ago. But apparently not!
I wanted to share a few photos of our dining room in Seattle. We started off by painting the walls a bright yellow. It's perhaps a bit too bright, but I've gotten used to it.
Next I recovered an upholstered chest with some Denyse Schmidt from JoAnn's. (The chest is full of clean linens-these are the things you do when you live in a small house!)
Next I made lots of cloth napkins:
And then I created a new table cloth to match!
 It's reversible!
All fabric is from the Denyse Schmidt line at JoAnn's. The white is kona pfd (prepared for dyeing-that's what my JoAnn's had at the time). I sewed the table cloth with a reversible log cabin, quilt as you go technique (there's no batting involved). I especially love that technique for table clothes because they get washed a lot, and the quilt as you go method keeps the layers from shifting around!