Pretty {Little} Pouch Swap-Sent!

I had a lot of fun in this swap! I decided not to share a full pic of my partner's pouch until after it was received. So here it is, with a few little extras tossed in!
First, the pouch front:
 Want to get a closer peek?
Fabric is Innocent Crush, by the amazing Anna Maria Horner!
I started with a center hexagon and built out in a log cabin style. Every other row of logs is actually a folded log. It's a bit hard to explain, but it gives the pouch some fun dimension! The rows that aren't folded are the ones with hand quilting in them. Finished size is about 7"x9".
And for the back:
 My partner's name was Michelle, so I thought I'd personalize her pouch a little bit! (Fabric is quilter's linen in straw.)
 And of course the inside, lined with some Good Folks.
I also made a metal frame coin purse:
Here's the whole lot, including a small pin cushion that I made from some munki-munki, a little stash of Heather Ross goodness, and a local greeting card and post card:
 What, you want a better picture of the Heather Ross goodies? Ok...
I had a lot of fun with this swap, and Michelle was really happy with her pouch. I'm so glad that she likes it so much!