New hobby high

There's nothing like an endorphin rush from a new hobby, am I right? Judging by the amount of "stuff" that I purged before we moved across the country, I'd say that I'm pretty much addicted to the rush. In fact, Matt may have told me a time or two that a drug habit would be cheaper than my crafting habits... ;)
And that's why I couldn't stay away from the metal frame pouch craze for long! I showed two of these recently in my Pretty {Little} Pouch swap post and my Make Mine Modern swap post. The third pouch was one of my practice pouches, which I gave to my running partner. (It's ok, she's sciency too, so she can appreciate the need for experimentation.)
 The linings (sorry about the blurry picture!):
There was a fourth pouch. Well, actually it was the first pouch that I made. But Addy laid claim to it, so it's no doubt buried in one of her 500 purses at this point!
These were really fun to make, and I still have a few more frames left. Not only did I buy these 3" round frames, but I also got a few rectangular frames to play with. I think these will make great Christmas gifts!
I bought my frames from this etsy shop.
And I highly recommend this glue (and that etsy shop. I bought from them-free shipping and I had the glue in less than a week! From the UK!).
In case I haven't succeeded in pushing the metal frame pouch drug trend on you, check out these. And this. And this.
Go ahead, you know you want to.