Mendocino Pillows!

I've had 2 of these pillows stored away for over a year now. Wow, time flies! Now that are all settled in Seattle and ready for Addy to move into a big girl room, I found some motivation to create a third and final (for now?) pillow. So, here goes!
First, I created this strip pieced pillow:
 Pin tucking!
 Some ric-rac and quilting details:
 Pillow back:
 Another detail shot of the front, I did some wave quilting in the yellow seahorse strip:
Next, I made a bolster pillow. This was so much easier than I thought it would be! I started by piecing a rectangle with my selvedges and leftover strips of fabric:
 I did some dense, straight line quilting:
 Then I sewed the piece into a tube with a zipper running down it. Once the fabric tube was done, I stitched on the circular ends. It sounds a bit complicated, but it really was simple and easy!
You may have already seen pics of the third pillow in this scrap tutorial. Here are a few pics of it:
 The back:
Now we just need to finish putting together Addy's room! I will show more pics when we are done - I think it's going to be my favorite room in the house!