Go Anywhere Bag by Anna at Noodle Head!

A few weeks ago Anna contacted me and asked me to test a new bag pattern. I love Anna's style, and I jumped at the idea! Here's my version of the Go Anywhere Bag, sewn up in 1,001 Peeps by Lizzy House.
Bag Front:
 Detail shot, I used piping at the top of the pockets:
Pocket Pleating on the bag front: 
 Bag Back:
 Back pocket with magnet closure:
 Bag interior, held closed with a sew-in magnet!
 Interior Pocket:
 I added a zip pocket:
I love my bag so much, I made a zippy wallet to match! 
 Wallet back:
This bag was really fast and easy to sew up. I love the large exterior pocket on the back (perfect for my Jo-Ann's flier and grocery store coupons!). The 3 pockets on the front give the bag some fun personality, and they are a great place for a cell phone, sunglasses, and keys! The interior pocket keeps little things like chapstick from floating around in the bottom of the bag. The bonus to all of these pockets is the extra fabric combo possibilities! I was able to use all of my favorite 1.001 Peeps prints in this bag.
The wallet was a really fast finish, and I like it's simplicity. (And did you know that it's a free tutorial on noodlehead??)
After a few weeks of using them, I still love my bag and wallet. What a great combo of fun and functional. :) If you'd like to make a Go Anywhere Bag of your own, head over here!