A castle for the unicorn

For Addy's birthday, she received a cute unicorn pillow pet pee-wee (like the originals, but smaller!) from a good friend. Addy has wanted a pillow pet ever since they popped up everywhere last year, so this was a really special surprise for her.
Soon after the party Addy tried to explain to me that her unicorn needed a castle. I think she might have been confused by another brand of stuffed toy that was a unicorn that folded up into a castle? Either way, I thought it made sense for the unicorn to have a castle. If only I had the ambition to create a castle pattern. ;)
Instead, I remembered this min-tent pattern that I had bookmarked a few months ago. Plus I had some castle fabric....so with a little imagination, we have a castle-tent!
 I added a "drawbridge" which closed with the help of a little velcro.
 I over-estimated the size of the mini-tent (emphasis on the mini!), but unicorn does fit. We'll just have to keep her away from the powdered sugar donuts. ;)
 I added my label to the back.
 Here's the tent all closed up, with unicorn safely tucked inside!
Fabric is Castle Peeps by Lizzy House. (Did you catch the castle people inside the tent? You can see them best in the first picture.) The finished tent measures about 11" square at the base.
The tutorial calls for faucet connectors to use as tent poles. I sent Matt for those, and he came back with something slightly different. It seems to be working well, though!