Addy's Quilt!

Last week I was packing up a quilt to send off for a college friend's new baby. Addy wanted to know who the quilt was for, if she'd ever met the baby, etc. After a few minutes of discussion, she told me that she wanted to make the baby a quilt, too. I wasn't sure where we would end up.
This spring Addy made my brother a pillow for his birthday, and while it turned out really cute, making it was less cute. She didn't want to work on it for more than a few minutes at a time, and we almost didn't finish it when she lost interest before we were even half done.
But this time, she was determined! She chose fabrics from my stash before I even had time to get downstairs to help her. Then she told me which order she wanted them in, sewed them together (with some help and seam ripping to keep her seams straight-ish), chose her backing, and finished the quilt without any prodding! (We left out the batting and finished the quilt pillowcase style.) It did take us 2 days, but I only had to ask once and she was eager to start the project the second day.
 For a tag, I wrote Addy's name and the year on a piece of selvedge, which we tucked into a side seam on the quilt.
Addy was so proud of herself, and she insisted that we add her quilt to the package for my friend's baby even after I asked if she's like to keep the quilt for herself. I'm happy to say that the gift was very well received, and Addy's already talking about her next quilt!