Oh the places you'll go!

A few weeks ago I found out that a really close friend was moving so that she and her kids could be closer to her family. I was really frustrated to be stuck so far away from her, and I wanted to find a way to help her out. She has a lot of local support with packing, childcare, etc. so I knew people looking out for her. I decided that I would send her a fun package, because she and the kids could definitely use a little pick-me-up.
First I ran to Jimmy John's and got a gift card, so she could splurge on some yummy sandwiches when she didn't feel like eating at home.
Then Addy and I went to Target to browse the toy section. My goal was to find a few things for the kids to play with while my friend was busy packing, making phone calls, etc.
We ended up with sidewalk chalk, playdough and accessories, and a few other random little things.
I was all ready to head straight to the post office, but something happened and we didn't make it that day. Then Addy started to feel sick, so the trip was pushed off a few more days. One of those days Addy took a mid-day nap, so I snuck down to my sewing area and whipped up these bags. I made a small bag for the chalk and a larger bag for the playdough and accessories. The bag fronts have clear plastic windows so you can see what's in the bag, and the top is a draw string. They are perfect for little hands!
(Fabric is Dr. Seuss)
I hope the kids enjoy the toys, and they bring a little fun into the stressful mess of packing and moving!