How 'bout a giveaway?

Life seems to have gotten the better of me! I was hoping to do a giveaway each month this year, but April was a whirlwind with packing and moving. Addy and I ended the month in Illinois, and then drove to Milwaukee, WI to spend a few days with a good friend. Soon we were off to Arizona, where the weather was CRAZY hot. Matt met up with us in Pheonix for my step-brother's wedding and a few days with my family. Then we flew on to Seattle, where the unpacking began!
We are all settled in, and we've even started to paint a few rooms. My sewing time was consumed with quilting a few t-shirt quilts that my mom and I were commissioned to make. Once I finished those, I started on some house stuff. Hopefully I will have some pics of the house projects soon. I'd like to have a few projects finished up in the next few days!
So, about that giveaway!
I've got 2 camera straps up for grabs. Both are made from Amy Butler prints with a layer of batting for extra comfort. I made these to fit a standard dSLR strap, measurements are 2" wide by 24" long. My aunt also tells me that they work great slipped over the strap of a camera bag, too. ;)
As usual, the winner will receive BOTH straps. You choose which one to keep, and which one to "pay it forward"!

To enter the giveaway, just leave me a comment. Feel free to let me know what you think of these giveaways. If you have any suggestions or ideas, I'd love to hear them! Or just share whatever is on your mind. What's inspiring you right now? What fabric line is begging to live in your stash (ehem, 1001 peeps, anyone???)?
Giveaway ends some time Tuesday, June 14.
Good luck!

The giveaway has ended. Thanks to all who participated!