Some fun gifts!

At the beginning of the year I committed to making handmade gifts for the first 5 facebook friends who commented on my status. They in turn posted a similar message!
Even though it's only March, I wanted to finish these gifts up before I forgot. And it's nice to have something crossed off my list!

I'm working away at a quilt with Tufted Tweets right now. When I needed a break from the quilt, I worked with some of the scraps. I came up with this table runner:
 I tried out the squarish meandering fmq pattern that I ran across on Oh Fransson!. I think I like it! Next time I will try to quilt more densely, though. It seems to look better that way.
I also decided to try a table topper in ticker tape fashion. To add my own signature to the idea, I fussy cut the pieces with perfectly square corners. Who's surprised?
Lastly, I whipped up a few market bags using this tutorial. I feel sort of silly for not making these for everyone, since they seem very useful. Oh well, table runners are useful, too. Right?
I love these bags, and I think I see a few more in my future. If I wasn't so anxious to fulfill my commitment, I might keep them for myself. ;)

I still have 1 project to go. I have the idea planned out, now I just need to find a chunk of time to work on it! I hope everyone enjoys their goodies!