A pillow for ME!

My friend Steph made me this pillow for my birthday/Christmas. She used some of the selvedges that I'd been giving her, and some from her own stash.
 I love the hand embroidery. ;)
The border and back are an AMH print. And in the borders, she fmq-ed "you should just google it" and "so I just need to vent for a minute". Those are 2 common phrases we seem to use when talking to each other. (I do most of the googling, b/c I'm not at all in touch with pop culture. I just figured out who Justin Beiber is!)
I love the pillow and right now it's in my sewing room. She made it big (25" wide x 20" high) so that it could be used as a floor pillow, since I only have 1 chair in my sewing room. And when we move, it will look great on the futon that I'm hoping to add to my sewing room!

Thanks, Steph!