Little Red-the final Christmas gift!

While I was wandering through Target one day, I was struck with inspiration for my friend, Stephanie's, Christmas gift. She has these goofy woodland creatures in her sewing room, and right there on the shelf at Target was a tiny hedgehog! I bought the little guy and took him home with me, where he sat for a few days. And then one late night I remembered some adorable Little Red Riding Hood scraps that I had left over. So I stitched up a mini quilt and a red cloak for the hedgehog cutie. This turned out even cuter than I could have imagined!

 Seriously, how can you resist those sweet little eyes? And I have to admit, I'm more than thrilled that the cloak turned out so cute on my first attempt!
Another gift that is hard to part with - I must be on a creative streak this Christmas!