Owl Softies

What could be better than a Halloween softie?  Well, maybe two of them. :) Plus a few Halloween barrettes....
These cute little owls turned out even better than I could have expected. I had this idea floating around in my head for a few weeks before I actually had time to sew them up, and I just love how they turned out!  I used wool felt for the eyes and bellies, and hand sewed the wool on with a running stitch.  These were so fun to make, and a great way to use tiny bits of some favorite fabrics.
These little guys are heading out to Seattle with Matt - I made up little trick or treat bags for his boss's kids.
I also decided to try making a few alligator clip barrettes for Addy.  Matt's boss has a little girl who's just a year older than Addy, so I made up a few extras to put in her bag.
And Addy's barrettes:
I happened to have an extra clip that I used to practice on, and I *just* saw a cute tutorial for creating a rosette from felt.  This may actually be my favorite!
I resisted making hair clips for over 3 years, that took a lot of self restraint!  There are tons of cute tutorials out there, and they make fast, fun projects!