Orange Bikes

I love the new Weekends line by Erin McMorris.  I first found the Go By Bike print, and ordered some of the grey and the orange.  Since then, I've seen some of the other prints too.  If I had a beach house full of wainscoting and whitewashed furniture, I would decorate my main living area with this line.  But alas, no beach house for me.  So instead, I made a bag!

Main fabric is Go By Bike
Pocket fabric isWild Rose in orange from Olive Rose by Valori Wells
Lining is Kona charcoal
Pattern is Multi-Tasker Tote by Anna Maria Horner

First and foremost, I love this pattern.  The bag comes together is such an ingenious way.  It is very rare when I don't know how to construct a bag or garment from just looking at a photo.  But a photo alone does not do this bag justice!  And the directions are beautifully written.  Every step is very clear and easy to follow.

This is actually the second time that I made the multi-tasker tote.  My first tote wasn't as funky and fun, but I really love this one!  It's all about the fabric this time. :)

I chose to sew this bag  basically just as the pattern is written.  I didn't make the straps as directed for my first tote, because I was afraid that the design was too weak for the tote.  But the strap design is a great part of the bag design, and after sewing one of these totes I could tell that the strap casing technique as AMH wrote it would hold up well.  I did use only 1/4" seam allowances for my handles, though.  The pattern is written for 5/8" seam allowances, but I wanted a wider strap without having to cut them wider. :)  I sewed the rest of the tote with 5/8" seam allowances.

I also included just 1 interior pocket.  This is more of a day bag for me than a purse, so multiple pockets weren't necessary.  Besides, with 4 exterior pockets there is little need for any interior pockets!

A close up of the fabric.  I think these bikes might be one of my most favorite prints ever.  I'm such a sucker for whimsy!

The grey bikes became a pair of bermuda shorts.  But they ended up WAY too big. :(  While I'm on the subject, why do patterns sew up so ridiculously different from the measurements?  I've come to expect it form the big name companies, but this was an Indie pattern.  I'd love to have garment measurements rather than model measurements.  Then I could choose how I want my garment to fit!  Ok, rant over.

It's not worth deconstructing the shorts to take them in, so I will probably buy another 2 yards for a new pair.  I suppose the first pair could be sleep shorts.