Whew, that was a lot of Hope Valley.

I've finished 2 of the bed quilts on my list!

The first one that I completed was my sister's.  It ended up just smaller than king size.  I trimmed a few inches in each direction so that it would fit on my quilt frame without extending the table, but it's certainly larger than a queen size.  I hand bound most of it on the drive up to Chicago for our Seattle trip, and finished it at my mom's house that night.  I don't have any pics yet.  I left the quilt for her with strict instructions that she take pics with her dSLR soon. :)

I also finished our bed quilt plus 3 coordinating pillows.  I have more scraps to play with, so I will probably add to the pillows as I have free time.


I have a separate pillow post in the works, you may see it by this afternoon. :)

I'm also trying to keep afloat with the Mendocino quilt for Addy's room.  It has turned out to be much more time consuming that I imagined, and I had to put it down for a few days.  I'm hoping to have it pieced and quilted in no more than a week.