3 quilts in less than 3 weeks?

To say I'm goal oriented would be an understatement.  I love to do lists, or really lists in general.  I also love to challenge myself.  I think I purposely put more on the to do list than I can possibly accomplish just to see what I can get done.

So with our move looming somewhere in the near future, I decided to really challenge myself.  I intended to make a new queen size quilt for our bed and a full size quilt for Addy's bed when we moved into this house last fall.  But suddenly I wanted the bed quilts done before the move.  New house, new quilts.  So I made myself a schedule.  Yes, a quilting schedule.  I wanted to have everything but the hand-sewn bindings completed by the beginning of next week.

At the start of my challenge, I had the top to our quilt done.  Addy's fabric was purchased and prewashed, but I hadn't settled on a pattern.  Oh, and did I mention that my sister asked me to make her a king size quilt?  And that the pattern involved lots of templates?  I was about 1/3 of the way through her top before I started my schedule, and I made her quilt my top priority.  I didn't want to ship it from Seattle, as that's where we are most likely going to end up.

Currently, our bed quilt is just waiting to be bound by hand.  I also made 2 throw pillows to match, with hopefully 2 more to come.

Here's a sneak peak of our quilt.  I took this when I was trying to decide on a binding color:

My sister's quilt is also ready to be bound, and that's what I'm going to work on this week.  It's neatly folded and ready to travel in the car with me, which is where I do most of my hand sewing.

Addy's quilt is in the process of being pieced.  I wanted to have the top and backing pieced and ready to quilt by this weekend, but we are going out to Seattle for a few days so I'll have to put that off a bit.

Assuming we like Seattle this week, Matt will accept the job.  Our current plan is for him to move out there right away to start work, and Addy and I will stay behind until the Peoria house sells (fingers crossed!).  I'm hoping to have our quilt, Addy's quilt, and a few more pillows finished before the move.

So if I seem especially quiet, I'm probably just busy quilting.  Although I could also be trapped under a stack of bed quilts. :)