Spring top #2!

I got the idea for this top while I was sewing a pillowcase dress for Addy last week.  The fabric is from the apparel section at JoAnn Fabrics, purchased this spring.

I started with a simple rectangular shape.  Based on my measurements I took in the top some, curved the neckline a bit, and curved the openings for my arms.

Once I had the basic shape sewn, I tried the top on and marked where I wanted the shirring to begin.  I shirred a 3" band and trimmed the bottom of the shirt 2" from the shirring.  The rolled hem didn't look quite right to me, so I trimmed the bottom of the top to 1" from the shirring.  This time, after the rolled hem there was only a 1/2" below the shirring.  Perfect!

The last alteration that I made was to take in the sides of the top until I had a flattering fit.  I also changed out my original cream tie at the neckline for the floral tie shown in the pictures.  I'm so glad I did that!

I think this top will make a great pairing with my denim pencil skirt, which is probably the single most versatile piece in my spring/summer wardrobe. :)  Now I just need an occasion to wear it!