Living room....that room with the tv in it!

This room is as close to finished as it will get.  The large, plain wall with the single black shelf on it was to be a wall of photos.  My 1st college roomie has taken family photos for us for 3 years now, and I ordered prints of her great work for the wall.  But in an attempt to de-personalize the house as we put it on the market, we didn't put the photos up.  We did still put the photos over the fireplace, because it was too bare up there!

The front door:

The cute little phone cubbyhole.  This is the view looking into the living room (the laundry chute is the door below the cubbyhole).

In this room, we painted the walls, trim, and fireplace.  My mom and I made the curtains.  I made this fun pillow for the couch:
The pattern is from One Yard Wonders.

I also started a quilt for the couch, but my quilting machine threw a fit in the middle of quilting it up.  So it's sitting on the frame, waiting...

The last thing that we did was sand, paint, paint, and distress the tv stand.  It is from IKEA.  What I love about it, is that it's a corner stand but it also works on a wall.  What I hate is that it's soft wood.  The distressed treatment may have been the perfect solution, however, because it seems to be doing well!

A few close-ups:

And lastly, something every room should have: a basket of quilts. :)

The rest of the house is pretty much as we bought it.  The bedrooms are very boring.  I don't think they've been painted any color other than off-white EVER!  But I don't think we'll spend the time on them.