Quilting after PRK - my Halloween projects!

A month ago I had PRK, which is similar to LASIK, but has a longer recovery period. I was told that my vision would be unpredictable, especially up close. It was weird to hear that, as I was having the procedure to correct nearsightedness, but it's because of the recovery process and the healing that my eyes are going through.

Not being able to see well is not great news for a quilter, especially when the length of recovery can vary quite a bit from 1 person to another! I spent the first week doing a whole lot of nothing.  I tried to quilt a few days after the procedure but just couldn't see clearly. Week 2 my vision was better but still very blurry. This is when I realized that I couldn't quilt, but I could piece just fine! I finally had the opportunity to sew some of my own projects!

I started with a simple hourglass quilt made from a Halloween layer cake of Haunted Gala from Moda and a Cloud 9 solid in coral.


I used the Quilter's Dream wool batt in this quilt, and I knew I wanted it quilted lightly. This was also a great way to ease back into quilting with so-so vision, because I used a ruler for the curves and I just had to hit the very obvious intersections of my piecing!


I LOVE how this turned out. I spilled something on the quilt when I was carrying it around to hand bind while Addy was at swim team practice, so I had to wash it sooner than I otherwise would have. That ended up being a blessing in disguise, because the washing really softened up the batting! And that orange peel quilting -it steals my heart every time!


For the backing I chose the Rhoda Ruth wide back Starlight print in flame. I'm in love with wide back fabric, and this sateen does not disappoint! For the binding I used the Carolyn Friedlander Architextures in black.

I seem to love to collect Halloween fabric, and I had just bought a charm pack of Boo! by Cotton and Steel. I paired that with the leftover solid and made some quick pillows for our new couch! They ended up about 20" square, and I used the existing throw pillows that came with the couch as a guide. 


I played with some quilting that I learned from Jodi Robinson, and I really love it! It's a fun design to quilt, and it filled out these crazy-shaped areas quite well.


I used another Cotton and Steel print called Paint Dot in Cloud on the back, and quilted it with randomly spaced straight lines. The fabric has these really fun metallic dots all over it. I'd love to get my hands on several more yards of that print, but it seems to be sold out everywhere!

I used Quilter's Dream cotton batting in the select loft for the pillows.

I really love the pillows and quilt on my couch, it adds a bit of color and whimsy to the room! I think that's what I like best about Halloween fabrics and decoration - it's a great excuse to embrace whimsical designs and just have fun! I'll try to snap a pic of the quilt and pillows in my living room and post it on Instragram. If you don't already follow me there, here's the link!