Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Long Arm Information!

If you're interested in more information on having your quilts long arm quilted, head over here to my long arm quilting page! You'll find a link to my Long Arm Quilting album on Flickr, along with prices and other info.

Older work will be added to the Flickr album, but perhaps not to my blog, so feel free to browse the album from time to time.

And as always, feel free to contact me with any questions!

Beaded String quilt

For Tucker With Love

Some of you may remember this quilt that I made for my first nephew. My step-brother and sister-in-law really loved the quilt, especially the message on the back. So, when they announced that they were expecting again, I knew I had to create something equally as special for this baby!

I started off knowing that I wanted to include the personalized message in this quilt, but I didn't want to use the same design idea. I had a few ideas for the front of the quilt, and I started out with the Sew Kind of Wonderful Urban Chained pattern. Unfortunately, I was working with fat quarters and the prints were set in the wrong direction. Does that happen to anyone else? I swear, no matter which direction the print is facing, it's always the wrong direction for what I'd like to do!

So, I used the cutting instructions for half of the quilt (the longer curves, I believe), and decided to modify the layout to suit my prints. After all, no one wants a sideways antelope on a quilt, right?

For Tucker With Love 

I also ran out of background fabric (pearl bracelets in sand), so I tossed in another print. I probably could have found some more pearl bracelets, but I ended up really liking the look of the text print (from the Collage collection)!

Somewhere in the design process I decided that I would quilt words into the background area. That helped to guide the layout a bit.

I used a cream thread and quilted lots and lots and lots of pebbles in the background areas. I played around with the idea of quilting the curved sections or changing up the pebbles, but I think the uniform quilting keeps the quilt from getting too busy. And after some instagram chatter, I left the curves unquilted to soften the piece.

For Tucker With Love 

For Tucker With Love 

Around the letters I quilted with the light cream thread and then again with a light grey thread. It's a bit hard to see in the photos, but in person it subtly draws the eye to the words.

For Tucker With Love

For Tucker With Love

For the backing I used a piece of the arrow print plus two of the C+S blenders.

For Tucker With Love

So much pebbling! And for you long arm quilters out there, I used the Sew Kind of Wonderful QCR Sidekick Rulers for this project. I really loved working with them, and I find myself grabbing them to quilt curves on lots of other projects as well!

For Tucker With Love

Here is a shot of the words, from the back of the quilt:

For Tucker With Love

I think this project really came together in the end! My step-brother and his family live in Arizona, so I think the colors were a fun nod to that. The prints didn't really scream baby, but still worked well. And they loved the finished quilt, which was the most important part for me!

Monday, December 8, 2014

A Simple Baby Girl Strip Quilt

I made this quilt a few months back for Matt's coworker and his wife, for their baby girl. I didn't know them very well, so I wanted to stay away from pink. When in doubt, stay a bit more neutral, right? :)

Baby Girl Strip Quilt 

I started with this fun feather print and pulled fabrics from there. I really fell in love with these colors! Most of the fabrics were prints, with a few solids tossed in as well.

Baby Girl Strip Quilt

I didn't have a ton of time to put this gift together - I stitched the strips at my mom's house when we were visiting, and I quilted it the day after I got back home (which was also the day of the shower!). Talk about pressure, I had to quilt, bind, and wash the quilt all in a day!

I quilted two zig zag sections, filled with some figure 8 quilting. In the larger spaces created by the zig zags, I quilted paisleys.

Baby Girl Strip Quilt

i really like how the zig zags at the bottom of the quilt seem to fall off the edge!

Baby Girl Strip Quilt

On the back I used a single cut of fabric. The quilt finished around 36" x 42", so it was a tight squeeze! 

Baby Girl Strip Quilt

I was surprised at how much I loved this quilt when it was finished! Sometimes it's nice to stay simple!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Pittsburgh Love

I made this mini as a wedding gift for Matt's boss. He and his wife met here in Pittsburgh, though neither of them are from here. He loved the mini quilts in our home, so I knew it would be the perfect gift for them!

Pittsburgh Love Mini Quilt
(It was so cold and windy when I took these pictures, plus we were high above the city. Matt was really nervous that he would drop the mini, which it why he was bracing it against the railing!)

I had a hard time deciding on a background fabric, not knowing what their decorating tastes are like. Luckily I had this bridge print sitting out after a visit to a LQS! I wasn't entirely sure on the color, but I couldn't pass up the print - did you know that Pittsburgh is called the "City of Bridges"? It's true, we have SO many of them!

I decided to quilt the background with simple, straight lines.

Pittsburgh Love Mini Quilt

I again used a knife-edge binding, because I just love the look of the clean edge! On the back I included a label and a hanging sleeve.

Pittsburgh Love Mini Quilt

This is the 3rd "Home is..." piece that I've made as a wedding gift, and I think so far they have all been really well received! This one may be my favorite, but I have a few others to share when I dig up the pictures.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Free Patterns and a Barn Quilt!

I have a few surprises to share!

First up, some free patterns! Head over to Camelot Fabrics where I have a few pillow patterns and a quilt pattern - all freebies! Don't feel intimidated by the piecing - it's all very fast and easy.

Here's a quick 12" square pillow I sewed up from my trial block for the patterns:
Free pillow/quilt pattern!

And now, about that Barn Quilt! A few months ago I was contacted by the Thumb Trail Quilt group in Michigan. They asked to use my Modern Dresden block design for the quilt block in their quilt block trail throughout "Thumb Region" of Michigan. Not only was my design used, but it is on the Mayville Historical Museum building in Mayville, MI!

Here's a photo of the Barn Quilt, taken from the Thumb Trail Quilt facebook page. Be sure to check them out, and if you're in the area be sure to visit the Barn Quilts in person!

If you'd like to make your own Modern Dresden mini quilt, see the following links:

Monday, November 3, 2014

Home is...

Well, I had a decent stretch of consistent blogging, right? :)

I'm hoping now that the Quilt Market rush is over (for now!), I will have a bit of time to blog! This project is one of my favorite finishes ever, and it hangs in the middle of the first floor of my house, too

I can't claim this design entirely, because I know I've seen similar pieces in the blogging world over the years. This is just my take on a really great design idea!

Upon finding a house to buy in Pittsburgh I decided it was *finally* time to reflect a bit on where we've been geographically over the years. In doing so, I created a mini quilt for each state that we have lived in, highlighting our locations with hearts. Because, you know, Home Is Where the Heart Is, and all that jazz. For my fabrics and colors, I tried to stick with jewel tones for the backgrounds and white/cream prints for the states. The hearts are varying shades of pinks and reds. By creating each piece separately and mixing designs, tones, and colors, I have the freedom to add to this collection without disrupting it.

Let's start at the beginning! First we have the Illinois mini. We lived in the Chicago area and also in the Peoria area of Illinois. I love the blue print in this mini - while not really a jewel tone, it really reflects the Native American history in Illinois, I think.

Home is Where...

Next we lived in Seattle, Washington. We lived in a very urban area, right in the heart of Seattle, but it was always clear that we were just steps from nature! From the "green" attitude of the residents to the mountain views in nearly any direction, I had to use a wildlife print in this mini!

Home is Where... 

From Seattle we moved to upstate New York, in Saratoga Springs. I used a linen and a vibrate green for this mini. Saratoga Springs is known for its natural springs, and despite being a small town far from NYC, it has a large "crunchy" population.

Home is Where... 

And here we are now, in Pittsburgh, PA! The house we bought in Pittsburgh is an old rowhouse that was completely gutted and rehabbed. The first time we "toured" the house, part of the (new) roof was unfinished and the walls were only framed. So, it seemed quite fitting to use a "blueprint" fabric for this mini!

Home is Where... 

Here they are all together! We hung them in our dining area, which is where we tend to end up mingling when we have guests. It's such a fun conversation starter, and I love that they are a prominent feature in our house! 

Home is Where... 

A bit about the design process:
I quilted around the states and the hearts with black thread to really draw attention to the shapes. I found that 3 passes around each shape gave great definition without lots of thread build up. In the background spaces I quilted in various flowing styles with thread to match the background, again to keep the focus on the states.
To finish the minis I applied knife edge binding and a hanging sleeve on each piece. The knife edge binding is a bit more time-consuming, but the look is so stunning! Well worth the effort for this project!

Home is Where...

And one last (poorly lit) picture. Here are the minis hanging in our dining area! The adjacent brick wall is part of the living room, and to the right of the minis is the kitchen. I'd hoped to show a bit more of the house, but lighting was bad when I took this one!

Home is... mini quilts

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Upstate Quilt - for Sew Many Creations

A quick note for anyone in upstate New York! My friend Jess, the owner of Ruby Scissors Quilt Shop in Glens Falls, NY is opening a second location! The new shop is in Towne Center Plaza in Clifton Park, NY. The address is:
1603 Route 9
Clifton Park, NY

Check out her facebook page for more details!

Now that I'm in the midst of quilting for Fall Market, I'm pulling out photos of projects that I did for Spring Market!

I've partnered up with Jessica of Sew Many Creations to quilt her pattern samples! She was my very first long arm client, and I owe her so much for having faith in me!

This pattern, Upstate, fits in really well in the Adirondacks! It wasn't my usual style of quilting, but I find that those are the most fun to quilt. It really stretches my imagination to work on projects like this, and I really love how it turned out.

Upstate Quilt - Long Arm Quilted for Sew Many Creations 

The pattern alternations tree blocks and solid blocks - in this sample, Jessica used a really fun batik argyle in her solid blocks. For the argyle blocks I simply quilted straight lines following the fabric pattern.

Upstate Quilt - Long Arm Quilted for Sew Many Creations

I had so much fun with the tree blocks! The trees have swoopy branches with a woodgrain trunk and swirly lines in the background. The background batik reminded me a lot of falling snow!

Upstate Quilt - Long Arm Quilted for Sew Many Creations

Upstate Quilt - Long Arm Quilted for Sew Many Creations

Upstate Quilt - Long Arm Quilted for Sew Many Creations

I forgot to take pics of the borders! I quilted a swirl in the thinner green borders and used more straight lines in the argyle border.

Thanks for letting me quilt for you, Jess!